The most spectacular positive transformations only happen after people radically change their way of eating


The power of training is incredible. A good yoga program is a great start to optimal fitness.


The benefits of yoga are plenty. Your overall health is sure to benefit.

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There are three functions at Nutrition – You need to eat for body, mind, and soul. Training – The Yoga Burn Challenge is the way to go! Health – Your body will thank you!

To get you started on a life-long journey, we reviewed three programs that we will recommend. Each, we feel, will put you on a path to inner peace and optimal wellbeing. While we are compensated, they reflect our honest opinion about the positive benefit of each.

The Yoga Burn Challenge

The Yoga Burn challenge is a unique routine is designed for Women who would like to experience the wonderful benefits of Yoga while BURNING calories and MANAGING weight. Take the Yoga Burn Challenge and get ready to change your life! Click here

The Yoga Booty Challenge

This one needs little introduction! To started on sculpting your booty, click here.

Shapeshifter Yoga

If you’ve been looking for a way to lose stubborn pounds and inches… If you think you’ve tried everything to flatten your tummy, slim your thighs, firm your butt, and tone those jiggly arms… And if you’ve had it up to here with exhausting, boring exercise that eats up time you don’t have and leaves you sore and achy… Then I’ve got great news for you. Shapeshifter Yoga is here to help. Click here to get started today!